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Welcome to ArtTactic Forecaster Competitions! This is a unique opportunity to test your forecasting skills across a range of different collecting areas in a new and exciting competition format. Participate in weekly competitions, climb the Overall Season Leaderboards and hopefully pick up some amazing prizes on the way.

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Live Competitions

Welcome to the London Auction Competition. This is the first Grand Slam forecasting tournament in 2017, and will focus on the London Impressionist & Modern and Post-War and Contemporary auctions at Phillips, Christie's and Sotheby's in February and March.

Overall competition leaderboards

Fine Art - Expert league

Correct Partially correct
1 bscherli


180 142
2 avenger

United States

174 129
3 Michelangela

United Kingdom

167 146
4 Milos Sekulic


153 152
5 symon

United Kingdom

151 164

Fine Art - Rookie league

Correct Partially correct
1 Margo Andri


134 154
2 sinadi


133 169
3 Akari


133 149
4 simonpiers

United Kingdom

116 153


113 120

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